We were born as an Italian perfumery shop more than 30 years ago (in 1984).

Thanks to long-standing cooperation with some of the most important companies of perfumery and professional cosmetics from all over the world, we understood how quality is so important for a cosmetic product and how sometimes it is considered secondary. 


Fiori di Cipria cares only to give customers what they want: a high quality product 

We chose not to invest in slogans, advertisements and expensive packages. We are concerned only that our products work... and our customers are continuously repeating it! Try our products .... and come back here! Is there a better advertising?


Every product Fiori di Cipria is certified and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health and meet the highest standards of quality, safety and efficacy.  The production is entirely in Italy using high quality raw materials and active ingredients sourced, if possible, in Italy.


We not only offer you high quality products, we also help and advise you choosing and suggesting how to use the most appropriate active ingredients thanks to our specialized operators in order to get the result you want. This service is only available in Italian (phone, email and contact form) and English (email and contact form only). If you don't speak one of these languages, you can simply use a translator. 

Any question? Just ask!